Our Story

“The measure of success varies for all of us, but regardless of how you define success whether it’s achieving a ribbon at the pony club, a great ride out on the trail together with your beloved horse, or a win at the Melbourne Cup race, we all share one common goal, to care for our horse, provide the very best for them and keep them sound and healthy.” – HYGAIN

That philosophy has long guided Hygain the leading equine feed and supplement company that is devoted to bringing their customer closer to their dream by blending years of experience, innovation, up-to-date research and enthusiasm to nurture the best qualities in horses. As an equine only feed mill and manufacturing facility Hygain is dedicated to equines and their special requirements, resulting in outstanding nutritional solutions that really make a difference to your horse’s health, performance and well being.

How it all began…

Hy Gain Feeds Pty Ltd started as a one man operation in 1983. As a horse owner and competitor dissatisfied with the quality and nutritional standards of feeds available, Greg Manley decided to take things into his own hands and started developing and mixing nutritionally balanced feed formulas to feed his own horses and others in the local area. Through word of mouth demand for the product rapidly grew and soon outstripped the capacity of the one man operation resulting in the establishment of a dedicated equine feed mill and manufacturing facility in the heart of the Victorian equine industry, south east of Melbourne. Looking confidently to the future with well-established foundations and a great team sharing a common goal, Hygain is progressively extending its global market share, continually evolving its products based on solid nutritional research applied to equine diets and the demands of an ever-changing world.


“At Hygain, success is not only measured by sales. More importantly, it brings the company’s customer closer to their dream and creates exceptional ‘customer satisfaction’ that gives us the greatest reward.” – Greg Manley, Managing Director

The Highest Standard

Our extensive high Performance, Equestrian, Stud and Supplement product range is backed by Hygain Feeds commitment to excellence encompassing all equine activities. A commitment to an uncompromising insistence on only using the finest certified ingredients, applying the strictest quality controls and employing the latest nutritional research resulting in groundbreaking innovations, so as to provide our customers with the highest possible standards in equine nutrition, standards which our customers have come to expect from Hygain.

How we ensure the highest standard

Our modern state of the art manufacturing facilities utilize revolutionar processes to enhance the nutritional value of our products, improving palatability, increasing feed efficiency and conversion whilst reducing the incidences of dietary related equine disorders. All aspects of our manufacturing processes are quality controlled and certified under HACCP and FEEDSAFE quality assurance programs. At Hygain we pride ourselves on being innovative and progressive in the commitment of reducing our impact on the environment. Our senior management fully support and are committed to our Australian Packaging Covenant Action Plan.

Hygain products incorporate the latest in equine nutrition and unique ingredients such as bio available organic minerals, a live yeast culture for improved fibre, phosphorus and calcium digestibility and a patented form of Mannan Oligosaccarides derived from the outer cell wall of a selected strain of yeast supporting a healthy immune system and promoting gastrointestinal health and performance. Hygain Feeds only use additives which are scientifically proven to deliver major benefits to the equine’s nutritional performance and that complement our fully fortified and precisely balanced feeds.

Our Valued Customers

For over 30 years Hygain has been feeding champions, whether it be Melbourne Cup winners, Olympic medallists or championship titlists in harness racing, reining, dressage, show jumping and eventing. National as well as international horse breeders have achieved and continue achieving outstanding success in the equine industry and unconditionally trust in Hygain nutritionally balanced feeds and supplements, allowing the equine athlete to reach its full potential. Hygain as a global equine health and nutrition company partnered with the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in 2010 and again 2014 in continuing our support of national and international equine athletes, actively contributing to their success. Hygain fed horses truly stand out with high quality performances, gleaming looks, outstanding condition and balanced temperaments always going for the win.

Trusted throughout the equine industry, Hygain is not only nationally recognized for its outstanding high quality equine feeds and supplements, but also for leading the way in equine nutrition internationally. Hygain Feeds vast growing global market share, exporting throughout Australasia, North and South Asia, the Middle East and Europe, has resulted in a number of regional and national export awards.