Amy Kemp

Amy Kemp is a level 2 Showjumping specialist coach with extensive international competition experience who is based in, Birregurra, Victoria.

Amy & her husband Jason run Birre’ Jumping stables where they are breeding and producing horses for success at the top level of the sport.

Amy has had the majority of her competitive career in Europe. From humble beginnings, Amy managed to work her way up the ranks to eventually be able to ride horses for various breeders and dealers at both National and international competitions around Germany, Holland , Belgium & France.

Over the years Amy has been lucky enough to have ridden under such trainers as George Sanna, Robert Hines, Nelson Pessoa, Jos Kumps, Christine Traurig, and Stanny Van Passion. Amy loves sharing what she has learnt with her pupils.

A few words form Amy:
“I am a stickler for doing the little things correctly and the importance of great horsemanship. Having learnt so much about correct feeding and care over the years , Hygain feeds & supplements were the natural and obvious choice for our team now I have settled back in Australia.

"Tru care and Tru Breed are without a doubt the most used and loved feeds in our stables. We have such a variety of horses on these feeds and they are all doing so well on it. We rarely need any supplements .

"You can really see just looking at our horses but also dealing with them, that they are happy, healthy horses from the gut to the skin , they are just thriving.

"Regain and RBO oil are the go to supplements that we use regularly and couldn't do without! Every horse gets their Regain each night. Hydration is key.

"Those that could do with a little extra top line and shine enjoy some RBO in their feeds as well."