Brett Cantle

Eventer, Coach, Schoolteacher, Husband and Father. Brett Cantle manages to do it all!

Having grown up in a horsey family, Brett has been around horses for as long as he can remember. He has successfully competed in EA events since 1994 and in that time has won numerous state and national eventing championships.

Brett's most recent horse that was successful in the upper levels of the sport was Premonition, a hanoverian stallion. He was successful up to 4 star level before injury curtailed his career.

Premonition is now a gelding and ridden by Brett's daughter at 1 star.

A few words from Brett Cantle:

"I am a big believer in surrounding yourself with good people and good companies. I do consider myself very fortunate to have been influenced by several great horsemen and women over the years. It is a constant learning process.

"I am very proud to be associated with Hygain and Mitavite. They are quality companies who produce outstanding feeds. I can rest assured my horses are receiving the best feeds available when I stick with these brands."

Competition horses

Finch Farm Corey
17hh Bay Gelding


16.1hh Chestnut Gelding

Career highlights

In Brett's own words...

"Taking the warmblood stallion, Premonition, from 60cm to 4 star in three years. He had an amazing record and when he was on song, was an unstoppable force."

"Because Premonition's combined dressage (with HYGAIN rider, Emma Flavelle-Watts) and eventing record was so impressive, he was the cover photo for the Hannoverian magazine in both Germany and USA.

"It was great that the horse was recognised for his feats."

"My first interstate trip to the Lochinvar 3DE in the mid 90s. It was on my first serious horse, Alchemy.

"He was one of the youngest horses in the field and I was competing against a lot of high profile riders that I had read a lot about. I just didn't want to make a fool of myself.

"He led from start to finish in the 1 star class ( 2 star in today's terms). While it wasn't at a high level, it gave me a huge confidence boost."

(Highlight as a parent/rider/coach)

"Premonition spent a long time out with injury and when he came back (as a gelding) it was decided my 15 year old daughter, Isabelle, could ride him.

"It was a great test of her skills, his training and rideability, and our patience.

"I got great satisfaction and a huge thrill as she followed the same path in both Preliminary and 1 star level. At all events the dressage and showjumping was super, but the crosscountry was the test.

"Their first event was clear and safe being almost a minute over time. Second event was again clear but now approximately 20 seconds over time, and at the Third event, clear, classy and under time.

"I was very proud and satisfied for so many reasons."

"As a coach, any time my pupils have success, which does not necessarily mean winning, gives a great sense of satisfaction.

"Especially those that have had to work hard for a while, I get a real thrill for them."