James Arkins

James Arkins is one of Australia’s leading showjumping riders.

In 2016, James was shortlisted for the Rio Olympics and has competed with great success on the international showjumping scene.

James grew up in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with limited exposure to horses. One day his mother Michelle took him for a ride at Malabar Riding School and he instantly fell in love with horses. After that, there was no stopping him, much to his parent’s dismay! After much convincing, James finally managed to get his parents to buy him his first horse. This horse was to be named ‘Dreamtime Invader’ and known as Todd at home. Todd was purchased for a grand total of $2500. James hated him to begin with but quickly, the two built an unstoppable partnership. With James’ persistent training Todd became a champion and took James to success from Interschool competitions through to World Cup level, as well as an international campaign. James says “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Todd”.

James is passionate about sharing his knowledge with his students with the aim of preparing them to compete at the highest level. James has coached junior and amateur riders up to grand prix level.