Kellie Reinhardt

Kellie has been in the saddle from an early age, mustering mobs of cattle and sheep through Gidgee rock, heavily timbered country and hills. Throughout Kellie’s career it has been commented that she is a determined rider with a beautiful seat. She credits this to the miles of rough terrain where she first learnt to sit up and ride.

When Kellie was in her early teens she started training outside horses. She found a passion for speed events and loved the challenge of keeping a horse level headed whilst competing at speed. Kellie enjoyed early success, winning almost every event she entered with her beautiful Appaloosa gelding Cayuse Mighty Kalahari (Aka Pudgey) and her Quarter Horse mare Two Eyed Bow (Aka Crystal).

Kellie now resides in South-East Queensland with her husband Tyson. They have a property of their own, where they raise cattle. Kellie breeds a small number of horses for herself, carrying on the lines of Crystal and Pudge.
In 2014 Kellie built her own business, coaching riders and running horsemanship clinics. She designed her own Barrel Horse training program called “Sound Minds, Fast Times”, which she now teaches worldwide.

Kellie's philosophy:
Kellie believes that every rider has their own style, and that their style is their signature. It is about giving that signature the tools needed to get to the winner’s circle. She believes it’s not about having the prettiest horse, or flashiest gear. It’s about who has the determination & want to be a better horseman while putting the miles & love into the horses.

Riding discipline:

Barrel Racing