Nicole Mutimer

Nicole is full-time equestrian trainer and coach, operating as Darwin Equestrian Academy. She holds a Diploma in Equitation Science and is also an EA Level 1 Coach.

Nicole's passion for training started when she was a teenager.

She had a lot of Off the Track Thoroughbreds coming through and being re-homed. Since then, with many years of studying behavioural science, biomechanics and training principles, Nicole has been able to refine her skills and continue to be passionate about re-training OTT horses, young horses and correcting behavioural problems.

Nicole also travels extensively to teach horsemanship clinics.

A few words from Nicole:

"Over the years, I have enjoyed success competing in various disciplines but my main focus has been Show Jumping, Dressage and Show Horse events.

"Hygain has been my feed of choice for many, many years, so when I was given the opportunity to become a Hygain ambassador it was a very easy decision.

"Having a science background and a sound knowledge of nutrition as it applies to feeding performance horses, I know that through Hygain my horses have the best possible start. Producing an equine athlete is not only about good training, but also about good nutrition to allow my horses to do the job that I need them to do.

"Partnering with Hygain was the perfect compliment to my business."