Same trusted and proven Mitavite formula in a new look – exclusive to Mitavite and Hygain!

Anazolic® is a concentrated source of Gamma-Oryzanol. Gamma-Oryzanol helps stimulate the appetite and promote the development of lean muscle mass in horses.

Gamma Oryzanol is a natural, plant derived anti-oxidant, which has been shown to be anabolic and have a protective effect against stress-induced stomach ulcers.

Anazolic® is a valuable nutritional tool for:

  •  Horses with reduced appetite in hard work or racing
  •  Yearlings being prepared for sale
  •  Horses that require more topline and muscling

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Feeding Rates

Mix Anazolic in with the morning and/or evening feed

Dosage rate 60 - 90g per day

The scoop supplied holds approximately 30g

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