Performa 3®




$40.00 - $80.70

Same trusted and proven MITAVITE® formula in a new look – exclusive to MITAVITE® and HYGAIN®!

A rich source of the 3 critical Omega 3 fatty acids - Linolenic Acid, EPA and DHA

In many equine diets the Omega 3: Omega 6 ratio is out of balance, affecting the wellbeing and performance of the horse. Omega 3 oils are a group of unsaturated fatty acids that cannot be produced by the horse. To benefit from these oils they need to be supplemented in the diet.

For the Omega 3 oil to be utilized effectively and efficiently it should contain the valuable longer chain fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These Omega 3 fatty acids are only found in fish oil. PERFORMA 3® Oil contains fish oil, allowing the horse to derive the full benefits of the oil immediately.

Plant sources of Omega 3 oils contain Linolenic acid that needs to be converted to EPA and DHA before it can be utilized by the horse.

HYGAIN® PERFORMA 3® is a rich, natural source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. By combining Omega 3 rich vegetable and fish oils with added garlic, PERFORMA 3® contains high levels of usable EPA and DHA's.

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Flaxseed Oil, Canola Oil, Fish Oil and Garlic.

Feeding Rates


Commence feeding at 25ml to 30ml per day and increase gradually over 10-14 days to recommended levels.
Performa 3 can be used in conjunction with other oils. Mix thoroughly into daily feeds.

Ponies: 50ml to 100ml 

Mature Horses: 100ml to 200ml 

Racing & Performance Horses: 50ml to 150ml 

Breeding Stallions: 100ml to 200ml 

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